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Frequently Asked Questions

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We operate out of Melbourne, Australia. All our staff and support staff are Australian, and we work exclusively with Australian clients. Unfortunately, we currently don’t accept overseas clients 🙂

Yes! Each starter plan begins with the first 10 days completely free and you may cancel at anytime before via our website. On the 10th day, your plan will switch over to the paid option if you do not cancel and you will be charged for the first month. Free trials are limited to 1 per person.


We work on creating sustainable, organic growth for you and your business.

More importantly, anyone who offers any sort of “get 1 billion followers in a week’ product is likely selling you fake followers. Using fake followers harms your business, will destroy any chance of your account developing organic growth and worse, potentially get you banned.

Additionally, fake followers get deleted over time by Instagram, so you’ll have to constantly be buying more to maintain it; and they don’t interact with you account either (as they aren’t real people).

Yes! As long as they are all Australian based accounts.

We are radically set apart because we don’t use hashtags or anything like that. Additionally, we also don’t just ‘shotgun’ or mass-follow tonnes of users in the hopes that some will follow you back – which is the prevailing method of 99% of our ‘competitors’.

Instead, we take your targeting information and (using a complex algorithm we built) extrapolate upon it to find all the users across both Facebook and Instagram who are most likely to enjoy your feed. We then engage exclusively with these users for the best results!

Having said that, if you’ve had another company working on your account before you signed up, please let us know so we can check your account to make sure it hasn’t been flagged by Instagram or been compromised in any way 🙂

Futhermore – we are located in Australia; with 100% Australian staff. This means, should you need it, we have support staff who can fully comprehend you and respond usefully, instead of just cookie cutter copy & paste answers.

When you sign up, you will be asked a few questions about your brand and account to help our team learn about your business (this should take about 15 minutes). We then use this information along with our own research to formulate your target market.

Fundamentally, U-gro is a service that merely increases exposure to your Instagram profile.

A profile of your “ideal follower” is generated using integrated variable matrices. This is comprised of the information you gave us upon signing up, profiling of similar account followers, and online end-user behaviour patterns (what pages they follow, which pages they like, age groups, their job, socioeconomic status and so on).

From here we take this profile and superimpose it upon people who use Instagram – anyone who ‘fits the mold’ so to speak, is then added to our custom generated list. We then interact with the people on this list to drive traffic and boost interest in your account using an advanced organic projection formula (to make sure it appears as natural as possible). If someone is followed, after a variable time period (within a few days), we then unfollow them – keeping your follower/followings high, and consequently, generating a large amount of targeted traffic to your page.

The idea is that large volumes of people ‘most likely’ to enjoy your content will see it and (hopefully) decide to follow you. The results from this system have been overwhelmingly successful in increasing followers, engagement etc.

Yes, we require a credit card to put on file to prevent multiple free trials for one person. Nothing will be billed for 10 days and you can cancel at any time.

We cannot give you specific numbers as so much is dependent on your niche, quality of content, account age, target audience and overall popularity. However, your account will grow faster than ever before. In general, our users grow between 200 – 4000 real, quality, targeted followers per month.

Our statistics show us that the number of followers you receive is directly correlated to the quality of the content that you post. With high quality content, we have seen accounts gain 800+ followers per week.

If you need help with this, you may book a consultation session with one of our experts to discuss what is best for you and your business. We also recommend you read our Instagram guide here

Our research shows us that following a variety of users is perceived as a positive and natural trait for a growing brand reaching out to a broad audience. Furthermore, we work within specific guidelines to make sure your account remains within the most effective, ideal ratios. However, if you feel the need to adjust your ratio, we will happily do this for free (for clients with us 6+ months).

Yes, as long as no apps or people are currently performing mass-liking or mass-following, it is 100% safe. We are extremely careful in our procedures, and always ensure all growth is natural and organic as possible.

In essence, we manage the outbound engagement from your account. This means, we follow, unfollow, and interact specifically targeted users in your target market from your account, while you are in charge of posting content. The type of engagement we perform is determined by the plan you choose to sign up on.
By doing this process at a highly effective, yet organic rate every single day, we will drastically grow your following with real users who are interested in your content. In order for the most effective results, we usually start slowly and build up your campaign over time. It usually takes about 10 weeks for your account to gain full momentum.

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Read our Ultimate Instagram Guide to ensure you’re using your account in the most efficient, effective and powerful way.

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