How It Works

You Post – We Do The Rest!


Step 1

We Find Your Audience

Our team carefully analyses the target audience data you submit and locates them on Instagram. This ensures that you are marketing yourself to the exact people most likely to require your services.


Step 2

Keep Posting As Usual!

We never comment or post on your behalf. Instead we keep our valuable service simple and most importantly – affordable. You keep posting content as per usual while we begin to systematically increase your exposure by engaging and following people likely to enjoy your content. This engagement can involve following and liking, and depends primarily on the plan you choose. More information on plans can be found here:


Step 3

We Generate Traffic & Exposure

Our tried and true (and proven!) system for organic growth slowly begins to interact with and follow users in your niche to achieve the most efficient, yet natural organic growth rate possible.

For example, if you were an acoustic musician who sounded like Ed Sheeran, and we could see that someone tagged themselves at an Ed Sheeran concert on Facebook, likes all John Mayers pictures and follows Jack Johnson – then we know they are likely to enjoy your stuff as well!
We then filter these users based on their previous online behaviour (how often do they like photos, comment on people pics, or tag their friends for instance) to find those most likely to engage with you  – and then interact with those users via your account to create traffic and exposure.
This will allow you to save time and money on ineffective advertising, while also building a dynamic platform for your brand.

Step 4

You Get Followers & Business

You will start receiving followers  – the better your content, the more followers you’ll receive. This means increased account engagement and interaction, and provides an ever wider platform for you to promote your brand. All while you sleep!

Start Today.

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