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You Post. We Do The Rest!

Let us do the heavy lifting while you do what you do best – running your business

Step 1 - We Find Your Audience
Our team carefully analyses the target data you submit and then, after verification, feeds it into our DeepMind AI targeting system. Our algorithms will then sort through all the users on Instagram to find those who match the profile of someone who is statistically likely to enjoy your content.
Keep Posting As Usual!
We never comment or post on your behalf. Instead we keep our valuable service simple and most importantly – affordable. You keep posting content as per usual while we begin to systematically increase your exposure by engaging and following people likely to enjoy your content. This engagement can involve following and liking, and depends primarily on the plan you choose. More information on plans can be found here: plan differences
Step 3 - We Generate Traffic & Exposure
Our tried and true (and proven!) system for organic growth slowly begins to interact with and follow users in your niche to achieve the most efficient, yet natural organic growth rate possible.
Step 4 - You Get Followers & Business
Our tried and true (and proven!) system for organic groYou will start receiving followers – the better your content, the more followers you’ll receive. This means increased account engagement and interaction, and provides an ever wider platform for you to promote your brand. All while you sleep!

Case Study: Musician

A young musician (Max) approaches Ugro for help growing his Instagram followers. In his sign-up campaign, he indicates that he mainly plays acoustic music – drawing inspiration from Ed Sheeran.

Using this information, our DeepMind AI begins to scan for users amongst the Instagram community who seem like a good match. After a few minutes, a user ‘Sarah’ pops up from the UK. We can see she likes all of John Mayers photos on Instagram, is a follower of Jack Johnson, and recently tagged herself at an Ed Sheeran concert on Facebook using love heart emojis – Bingo! We can see that Jack Johnson and John Mayer are both commonly followed by users who also follow Ed Sheeran, and therefore, we know Sarah is likely to enjoy Max’s music as well!

However, if Max chose a higher level plan (Sprout and above), we would then go a step further. Our system then examines Sarah’s previous online behaviour (how often does she like photos, comment on musicians posts, tag her friends and watch stories) to ensure we prioritise those users more likely to engage with your content itself.

We will then engage with Sarah to prompt her to view Max’s profile, and hopefully – follow him!

This allows Max to save time and money on ineffective advertising, and focus on what he’s best at – writing music.

Start Today.

And see the results for yourself.