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How Ugro Finds Followers

Upon sign up you provide a bunch of information regarding your target audience. We then combine this information with data we pull from the Instagram and Facebook API (a kind of special library of data available to developers) to find and generate a list of people most likely to enjoy your content.
For example, if you were an acoustic musician who sounded like Ed Sheeran, and we could see that someone tagged themselves at an Ed Sheeran concert on Facebook, likes all John Mayers pictures and follows Jack Johnson – then we know they are likely to enjoy your stuff as well!

The more expensive plans will then actually filter these users based on their previous online behaviour to find those most likely to engage with you (how often do they like photos of accounts similar to yours, comment etc.).

We then engage with those users via your account to create traffic and exposure. The method of engagement is decided depending on the plan you choose, and you can see a full run-down of the differences here: