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How Long Does It Take To Get New Followers

The speed and number of followers you gain depends wholly on your niche, quality of content, account age, target audience and overall popularity. However, your account will grow faster than ever before. In general, our users grow between 200 – 4000 real, quality, targeted followers per month.

Our statistics show us that the number of followers you receive is directly correlated to the quality of the content that you post. With high quality content, we have seen accounts gain 800+ followers per week.

For the first few days, we merely ‘warm up’ your account. This means performing a lower number of actions and slowly increasing the number slowly each day until it hits an optimal amount for your account. This prevents you from receive bans from Instagram and other issues.

If after a few weeks you are still not receiving the number of followers you would like, we highly recommend reading our article here

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