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How payments and charges work

When you sign up for Ugro, you have 4 plans to choose from:

Sign Up/Pricing Page

As seen on the pricing table, both of our starter plans (Seedling and Sprout) come with a 10 day free trial.

When you sign up for either of these plans, you will not be charged for 10 days. After this 10 day period has expired, if your account has not been cancelled by yourself (to see how to cancel your account click here), you will be charged for the month of the appropriate plan. This charge constitutes the start of your 30 day billing cycle, with your next charge appearing 30 days later.

For both the Budding and Blossom plans, as stated on the pricing table – there is no free trial.

In this situation, your card will be charged the day after you sign up (to allow time for account creation, targeting analysis etc.) and this will then constitute the beginning of your 30 day bill cycle – with your next charge appearing 30 days later.

At any point should you change your Ugro plan, all changes take effect immediately, and you will receive a prorated invoice for that month (an invoice adjusted to charge part of the month at one price, and part of the month at the other).

You can only change your plan once every two months. This limit is put in place to allow to give each plan time to run properly and allow you to receive the full effect.


In Australia, in accordance with Australian Consumer Law, refunds may be given for services that have a major flaw, or a problem that would have stopped someone from buying the service if they’d known about it. As such, all our plans allow you to “try before you by” so to speak.

In the case of our Seedling and Sprout plans, a free 10 day, no commitment trial is provided before any charge is applied. This serves to allow you to test our service to your satisfaction, and verify that you wish to continue before purchasing – you may cancel at anytime during this trial (and incur no charge) – by following the instructions located at Therefore, for consumers who have tried our service before purchasing and continued on to the paid option, no refund can be given since this constitutes a ‘change of mind’ which is not covered by Consumer Guarantees.

For customers on the Budding and Blossom plans, due to the significant set up costs, no free trial is given. However, a refund may be given within the first month for your service if required – this serves as your ‘trial’.

If you so wish, please fill out the following form and it will processed within 2 business days 🙂

Submit Refund Request

Beyond this period, no refund can be given as it again constitutes a ‘change of mind’ – the client having knowingly continued with the service.

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