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What is a Whitelist?

When you sign up an account to Instagram, you are given the option of unfollowing people who you currently follow

Question from Signup Form

This is done to allow us to keep the number of people you follow at the optimal level to get the most followers.

However, sometimes people don’t mind unfollowing lots of people- but want to remain following specific people no matter what. This is where the whitelist comes in.

A whitelist is simply a list of usernames that we will never unfollow. It is a good place to put your parents, friends, siblings, clients and others who may other wise notice, care or be offended if you unfollowed them.

To add accounts to your whitelist, log into the client portal and click “Add To Whitelist”

Whitelist Link on Account Page
Whitelist Link on Account Page

Here you will be presented with a form.

In the top field, you enter in the username of the account you would like to update the whitelist for.

In the bottom field, you enter the usernames to add to the whitelist.

Whitelist Form

Because our staff manually check against this list before performing any actions, please enter the usernames exactly as they appear on Instagram (watch out for double underscores __ and even triple ___ underscores!) and enter one username per line

Correctly Entered Usernames

Then to finish off click send.

The whitelist will be lodged in our system.

Additional Note:

To clear your whitelist (remove everyone off it), enter ‘CLEAR’

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