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What is the difference between the plans?

When you first sign up to Ugro, or when you add an additional Instagram to your Ugro account, you are presented with four possible plans

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Whilst they all operate upon the same principles, which plan is best to choose, ultimately depends on your individual goals.

The Seedling plan is our base level plan. It works by taking the information you provide upon sign up, and combining it with data pulled from the Instagram and Facebook API to find those users most likely to enjoy your content, and then we engage with them – resulting in steady, consistent & organic growth.

The Sprout plan operates in exactly the same way, except we take it one step further. Utilising our Deepmind AI targeting, we extrapolate upon the data we receive – analysing each users past online behaviour, likes, dislikes and so forth. Once we have a list of people statistically most likely to enjoy your content, we then look to see which of these users have a history of engaging with Instagram accounts such as yours and then prioritise these users. This plan tends to result in higher growth and higher levels of engagement.

The Budding plan does everything of the two lower plans, except now we engage with your followers too! We do this by examining those people who are your biggest fans – those who comment or like frequently, and begin building a stronger relationship with them by engaging with their content too – strengthening your relationship. Then we look at those who never engage and examine why. If we find users who are statistically likely to engage in content when given the right motivation, we attempt to entice them to start being more active using our ‘secret sauce’ 😉

The Blossom plan is for serious power users who want to make it big! Take everything in the Budding plan, but now add in comment engagement. This plan is recommended for businesses who don’t have the time to engage with their followers manually. To be clear – we will not message your users or speak on your behalf – however we will respond to nice comments with thanks or likes, delete nasty comments and so forth.

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