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Knowledge Base

The Ugro Knowledge Base

Hello, and thank you for choosing Ugro!

We have assembled this knowledge base to help instruct and answer 99% of the questions we receive from our users.

One question we commonly get asked is if we provide phone support. Unfortunately, because of the number of accounts we manage, phone support is currently only available for agencies that have over 25 Instagram accounts with us.

In the meantime, this database should cover any questions you may have 🙂

Signing Up With Ugro

Signing up with Ugro is a 3 step process.

To begin, navigate to the signup page located here: Ugro Signup Page

After completing the form, you will be required to confrm your email address before being presented with the Ugro Dashboard.

From here you can add accounts.

The Differences Between Ugro Plans

When you add accounts to Ugro, you will see that you’re presented with four different plans

Whilst they all operate upon the same principles, which plan is best to choose, ultimately depends on your individual goals.

The Seedling plan is our base level plan. It works by taking the information you provide upon sign up, and combining it with data pulled from the Instagram and Facebook API to find those users most likely to enjoy your content, and then we engage with them – resulting in steady, consistent & organic growth.

The Sprout plan operates in exactly the same way, except we take it one step further. Utilising our Deepmind AI targeting, we extrapolate upon the data we receive – analysing each users past online behaviour, likes, dislikes and so forth. Once we have a list of people statistically most likely to enjoy your content, we then look to see which of these users have a history of engaging with Instagram accounts such as yours and then prioritise these users. This plan tends to result in higher growth and higher levels of engagement.

The Budding plan does everything of the two lower plans, except now we engage with your followers too! We do this by examining those people who are your biggest fans – those who comment or like frequently, and begin building a stronger relationship with them by engaging with their content too – strengthening your relationship. Then we look at those who never engage and examine why. If we find users who are statistically likely to engage in content when given the right motivation, we attempt to entice them to start being more active using our ‘secret sauce’ 😉

The Blossom plan is for serious power users who want to make it big! Take everything in the Budding plan, but now add in comment engagement. This plan is recommended for businesses who don’t have the time to engage with their followers manually. To be clear – we will not message your users or speak on your behalf – however we will respond to nice comments with thanks or likes, delete nasty comments and so forth.

Adding Accounts to Ugro

Adding An Instagram Account to Ugro takes on average 15 minutes, and we recommend you have your phone near you so that you can perform the required research.

Begin by logging into the dashboard:

And select the ‘Add Acount’ Button

Here you will be presented with the new account form.

Begin by entering in the username and password for the Instagram account you wish to grow. This is required for us to perform actions on your behalf to increase your exposure.

After accepting our terms and conditions, click ‘Next’.

Now you will begin entering in the targeting data required by our algorithms to find potential folllowers for you.

This first step asks you to enter in 6 accounts you believe your ideal followers are currently following.

This data is used to build a reference profile of the kind of people you think will enjoy your content.

Please spend lots of time thinking about the accounts you add in here, as it will markedly impact your results.

The second stage looks at where you want to be. These are the people who inspire you and who you believe you are similar too.

This data is analysed to determine how similar the current content you generate is to accounts that are already objectively successful.

Please enter at least 3 accounts, then click ‘Next’

In the fourth stage, we examine who your competitors are. These are usually direct competitors within your niche, and are closely related to you in regards to location and market.

We use this to attempt to determine if there are any key metrics that you may have overlooked in your targeting campaign.

Once completed, click ‘Next’.

On this page you select the plan you wish to add your account to. Each plan differs in the amount and type of work done, so pick carefully!

For a full rundown of plan differences, see here

On the final page your will be asked to confirm the campaign details you have entered, and be able to make any changes you wish.

Clicking on the drop down boxes will reveal the targeting data and plan details you have selected.

If you have not yet used our service before, you will be prompted to enter a credit card number before receiving a free trial. This number must be unique (not used on any other Ugro account) and helps us prevent the past abuse of our trial system.

Once you’ve confirmed all your details, check the box confirming you’ve disabled Two Factor Authentication – then click ‘Add Account’.

Your account has now been added to Ugro and your campaign should begin within 24 Hours!

Updating Account Campaigns From Ugro

Updating an accounts targeting information and campaign is handled easily from within the client portal.

Begin by logging into the dashboard, and selecting the ‘Manage Account’ button:

Next select the ‘Update Campaign’ Option

You will then be able to update the information you originally added to your targeting campaign

Changing Account Plan On Ugro

Updating an accounts plan on Ugro is accomplished via the client portal.

Begin by logging into the dashboard, and selecting the ‘Manage Account’ button:

Next select the ‘Change Plan’ Option

Next select a new plan for your account, then click update. Your current plan is also listed for ease of access

Updating Instagram Account Login Credentials

To update the login credentials of your Instagram account, navigate to the client portal and select ‘Login Details’

Next enter in the correct login details

If you are unsure of your login details, you can click the ‘check credentials’ link to double-check on the Instagram website.

Once you are sure of your details, simply click the update button.

Removing Accounts From Ugro

Removing an account from Ugro is simple and can be done at any time.

Begin by logging into the dashboard, and selecting the ‘Manage Account’ button:

Next select the ‘Remove Account’ Option

And confirm the removal of your account by clicking the red ‘remove’ button.

Your account will now be removed from Ugro and your service cease immediately.

Updating Your Payment Method/Credit Card

Begin by logging into the client portal and heading over to the billing tab

Next view the credit card form.

Enter a new credit card here will remove the old card from your account and make this new card your default payment method.

Our credit card processor Stripe performs a number of verifications on cards to protect against fraud.

Enter your new credit card number and select update – Stripe will then process your card, check for fraud and should it find it valid – update your account.


All of your invoices are conveniently available for download via the client portal.

To view your invoices, log in and head for the billing tab.

On the left you will find a list of your invoices. Some of these may be $0 invoices that are generated by Stripe when performing validation checks on your credit card. You can ignore these.

To download as a PDF, simply click on the invoice.

Updating Your Email Address

Should you need to, you can update your email address by heading to the client portal, logging in, then selecting the ‘My Profile’ tab.

Simply fill out a new email address and click ‘Update’.

Please note you will be required to re-verify your email address before continuing.

Updating Your Password

Should you need to, you can update your password by heading to the client portal, logging in, then selecting the ‘My Profile’ tab.

Next select the ‘Update Password’ button

A modal will pop up allowing you to enter in a new password.

Enter in your password twice, and then select ‘save’ to update.

Resetting Your Password

If you can’t access your account and have forgotten your password, you can perform an account recovery to regain access.

To begin, head to the log in page and click the ‘forgot password’ link.


Here, please enter in the email address associated with your Ugro account.

An email will be sent to your email address with a recovery link to reset your password.

Please make sure to check your ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’ inboxes (especially users of Hotmail and Outlook), because mail providers often filter such items by accident.

How Ugro Functions

Upon sign up you provide a bunch of information regarding your target audience. We then combine this information with data we pull from the Instagram and Facebook API (a kind of special library of data available to developers) and pump it into some algorithms to find and generate a list of people most likely to enjoy your content.

For example, if you were an acoustic musician who sounded like Ed Sheeran, and we could see that someone tagged themselves at an Ed Sheeran concert on Facebook, likes all John Mayers pictures and follows Jack Johnson – then we know they are likely to enjoy your stuff as well!

The more expensive plans will filter these users based on their previous online behaviour to find those most likely to engage with you (how often do they like photos of accounts similar to yours, comment etc.).

We then engage with those users via your account to create traffic and exposure. The method of engagement is decided depending on the plan you choose, and you can see a full run-down of the differences here.

Getting More Followers

How Ugro Operates

It’s important to understand that Ugro primarily acts to increase exposure to your ideal target market – this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get more followers.

While we can get the best people to see your page, if the content isn’t providing value to them in such abundance that they think ‘I literally have to follow this page it’s so good’ – then your results will be less than incredible.

Why Do You Want More Followers?

Even on the most fundamental level, boosting your following is going to get you more business.

When you’re trying to get new clients, humans innately have a decision-making process that, in marketing, we call “social proof“. Essentially – the more people who like something, the better it must be.

For example, if you’re shown two musicians on Facebook – one has 200k followers, the other 73 -instinctively you think “oh 200,000 people follow this singer, they must be really good!” – and conversely, “Oh, only 73 people follow them.. they musn’t be that good, right?” irrespective of how good the singer actually is. Now, imagine someone recommended two businesses to you – one has 53 followers on Instagram, and one has 15,987 followers. Which one would you contact first?

With your business, all your Instagram is trying to do is grow a big following based on the goods or services you provide, full of people who genuinely love and are excited by your content. Every follower doesn’t even need to buy your services. They just need to be aware of how good you are – so when a friend asks they “hey, I need xyz”, the friend thinks of you! The idea being the person in need can then go “oh they sound interesting, let’s check them out… oh man, they has 50k followers – and they’re clearly good based on their posts! Let’s give them a call.”

The same for when a prospective client calls you, you can tell them to go check out your Instagram to see your work (and when they see how many people follow you – you must be good, right?!)

What if I’m not getting enough followers?

On this note, occasionally people will email us saying they didn’t get enough followers.

Putting aside those people who have ridiculously astronomical expectations (“I wanted 300k followers a day!”), if you aren’t receiving the number of new followers that you’d like (and it’s been more than 2 weeks – remember our campaigns build up over time so it’s very organic!), there are really only three options.

The first (and usually the greatest factor) is that your content is simply not valuable and engaging enough. You must ask yourself the question “Why would someone want to follow me?”.

The Instagram game is changing, and having a pretty, aesthetically pleasing simply isn’t enough anymore.

What content are you providing that will compel strangers to want to follow you – just to see more??

If you’re selling a product – posting pictures of your products is a sure-fire plan for failure.

You need to have high-value, high-quality content, as well as a point of difference – something that makes you stand out! We have a full guide dedicated to increasing the strength of your Instagram account and we highly recommend you read it!

The second option is that you didn’t target your potential followers as effectively as possible when filling out your campaign.

For example, if you sell boutique clothing, and you entered into the campaign that your potential followers are currently following ‘Myer’ or ‘David Jones’ – whilst this may be true, it is a very broad net to be casting out and doesn’t provide a true indication of your ideal follower.

Thus, it might serve you better to provide Instagram accounts of other boutique clothing brands – as people who follow these are much more likely to follow you.

The final option relates to the latest update from Instagram (released June 29th) cracking down on inauthentic engagement and organic reach. Basically, everyday new AI based Instagram bots crawl all the user profiles on Instagram, and remove accounts deemed spammy, inauthentic or fake.

For people who in the past have used other growth services, engagement groups or purchased fake followers – this is now resulting in consistent, daily losses of followers.

In this scenario, it is often the case that we are unable to gain you followers double as fast as you’re losing them. For instance, if you loose 40 fake followers, but we gained you 50 – then you would only show a net growth of 10 new followers; or if you lost 80 followers, but we gained you 50 – then you’d show a loss of 30 followers.

Unfortunately, if this is occurring, then you will continue to loose followers until all of Instagrams deemed ‘bad’ followers have been removed. At best we can only attempt to reduce this impact by gaining you as many real, authentic followers as possible during this time.

Additionally, Instagram has made various algorithm changes to really cripple organic outreach.

They do this, fundamentally, to funnel you into their advertising platform.

We refer to their current system internally as “10-for-10”.

Basically, it means that whenever you post, Instagram now only shows it to a random selection of 10% of your followers.

Based on their reaction, it will now show it to either a) another 10% of your followers (if at least 60% of the first percent engaged); or b) hide it from the feed (if the first percent didn’t interact at all.).

This can have disastrous effects on accounts that have used poor growth services before, or purchased fake followers, as it’s very likely the randomly selected 10% who ‘see’ it are non-active or bot accounts – almost guaranteeing your posts get hidden almost immediately.

It also weighs this against your account trust level – accounts with higher trust can get by with just an initial engagement of 30%-40%, whereas lower trust accounts need a minimum of 60%-70%.

The changes are also confirmed to impact business accounts more harshly than normal accounts – which makes sense! Businesses are more likely to pay for advertising than personal users.

These changes indicate the overall direction that Instagram is heading, making it more difficult than ever to build your profile organically.

However have no fear – we at Ugro are constantly searching for ways to help get your business out there and generate growth 🙂

How To Target Effectively

Being able to target effectively is integral to your Ugro success – after all, we can only follow the information that you give us.

Who are your ideal followers?

It’s important to remember that your ideal “follower” may be a slightly bigger subset of the population than your ideal “client” – e.g. Your followers may be from all over the world (just because someone is in Hong Kong or America for example, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like your content), and your clients may just be from the surrounding area of Melbourne.

So really, your followers are anyone who is going to enjoy your content.

Also remember, don’t be picky! We can’t choose who likes our products/content and who doesn’t! We get a lot of inquiries saying things like “I only want followers from Sydney” – this demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of how Instagram, and indeed social media, operates. Just because someone is from Boston or Texas, doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy seeing your interior designs, or the awesome workouts you show. And they might become one of your biggest fans! Spreading good word of mouth to everyone they meet (this is where it becomes a good idea to have a product you can sell online), commenting and tagging friends in all your pictures, boosting engagement and ultimately help drive more local business oportunities to you.

How to Target

During sign up, you are asked a variety of questions – we will run you how to best approach thinking about it when filling them out.

In this question, we are asking for Instagram accounts you believe your potential followers to currently be following.

Remember – we generate a profile of your ideal follower using this information, therefore it pays to be specific.

Let’s pretend you are a boutique jewelry brand based in Melbourne. Now if you enter in accounts such as Myer and David Jones – sure, your potential followers may be in there… however, Myer has 293k followers, and most of those are not going to be interested in jewelry – only a very small percentage will be your ideal followers (interested in jewelry).

This means when our system generates a profile of your ideal follower, the profile will greatly diluted due to all the unnecessary information that has been included. For instance, your ideal follower might be females between 15 -35, who are interested in fine fashion. What we have received, however, is men and women from 40-60 who are interested in clothing, from all over Australia (the average Myer follower).

Instead, let’s compare this to if the designer had entered in other boutique jewelry brands in the area: gmssilver & nicolefendel.

Now we’re seeing the average follower is female, between 13 and 25, who lives in Armadale.

Of course there’s a lot more to to our system than that, but the key point is you need to “niche down” and try be as specific as possible. Also remember – the more accounts the better!

How do I find accounts for Targeting?

If you’re stuck finding accounts, we have a couple of tips to help you out.

Firstly, go to one of the accounts you have already have.

As seen above, go to the account and look for the little blue arrow next to the ‘follow’ button.

Click on this, and then click on ‘See More’.

Instagram will now provide you a list of users who are similar to the one you have selected.

Another technique is to search the hashtags.

Start by clicking the ‘magnifying glass’ icon, second from the left on the bottom bar, then tap the top search bar.

Click the ‘tags’ tab along the top, and begin by searching your niche or words related to it.

You will see a bunch of possible options appear, organised via popularity.

Choose one of these or complete your search and click go.

You will be presented with a list of photos matching your search – browse through these photos and the accounts that posted them to see if they are a good fit.

Additionally, along the top, you will see a line of suggested hashtags which you can click on and browse the results of too.

How Payments Work

When you sign up for Ugro, you have 4 plans to choose from:

As seen on the pricing table, each new user receives a 10 day free trial.

When you sign up, you will not be charged for 10 days. After this 10 day period has expired, if your account has not been cancelled by yourself (to see how to cancel your account click here), you will be charged for the month of the appropriate plan. This charge constitutes the start of your 30 day billing cycle, with your next charge appearing 30 days later.

At any point should you change your Ugro plan (either upgrade or downgrade), all changes take effect immediately, and you will receive a prorated invoice for that month (an invoice adjusted to charge part of the month at one price, and part of the month at the other).


In Australia, in accordance with Australian Consumer Law, refunds may be given for services that have a major flaw, or a problem that would have stopped someone from buying the service if they’d known about it. As such, all our plans allow you to “try before you by” via the free trial.

That is, for all of our plans, a free 10 day, no commitment trial is provided before any charge is applied. This serves to allow you to test our service to your satisfaction, and verify that you wish to continue before purchasing – you may cancel at anytime during this trial (and incur no charge) – by following the instructions located here. Therefore, for consumers who have tried our service before purchasing and continued on to the paid option, no refund can be given since this constitutes a ‘change of mind’ which is not covered by Consumer Guarantees.

Additional Help

While we’ve taken every effort to ensure all of the questions and answers you may have are contained above – if there is something missing or you have a different question, please let us know at